primer periódico hiperlocal en España | año VII | 26 de febrero de 2017

La palabra de la semana en inglés: “compromise”

Como cada semana, vamos a aprender inglés con la academia Atlantic Group*, que nos propone una palabra relacionada con Malasaña para aumentar nuestro vocabulario en ese idioma:

compromise (noun): an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concession.

Compromise is one of those words we call a “false friend”. Its meaning in English is completely different from the very similar Spanish word compromiso

Estos días la podemos usar del siguiente modo:

Most things in life are not absolutely perfect. For instance, you generally have to compromise on something when choosing where to live. Maybe the price is a bit high or the apartment is a little small or it’s a too noisy on weekends….. What compromises did you make when you chose Malasaña? What great things about our neighborhood made you willing to accept that compromise?


 Más idiomas en Somos Malasaña:

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La palabra de la semana en inglés: “compromise”